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Sq11 Mini Camera 1080p

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Sq11 Mini Camera 1080p

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What are Prime products?


Prime products are the best quality products on our website. These are the finest quality products in Farosh Mall which we include in our Prime products category. Prime products are premium products having high quality with a great discounted price that makes them insanely irresistible. We always try to make the discounted price as low as possible compared to the product's price in the market. Product price counts as the main factor when you want to shop online in Pakistan. We all search for reasonable prices online to get the best products at the best deal. Any customer can do price comparisons between our products and other online shopping websites. You will find our product's price lower than anyone else in the online market. Even some products' prices are lower than the original market price as well. These Products come with an Express Delivery Service so, no one needs to wait for a couple of days. They are confirmed Stock Items, Add these items to your cart and buy them at your ease.


What kind of products are Prime?


Ok, So you must be thinking that only some of the products are Prime as we can not apply discounted prices on all the categories of the products. But here you got us wrong because we don’t specify only a single or two categories to apply discounts on. We randomly select the trending products and add them to the Prime product just for our valued customers. It includes all the best quality products such as the best vitamin c serum, best hair straightener, best perfume for women, best moisturizer for dry skin, best moisturizer for oily skin, best face wash for men, best shampoo for hair growth, best mobile under 30000 in Pakistan, best mattress, best eye cream, or best washing machine. It can be anything you want. We shuffle these products twice a month.


Do we include heavy-weight items in the Prime section?


Yes, we do!  Farosh Mall is a platform in which we value our customers more than our profit margins. In this section, we include the items of your interest whether they are heavy-weight products. Let's say you are searching for products such as black kitchen cabinets, electric pressure cookers, interior decoration products, food steamers, food containers, best decoration room ideas, kitchen accessories, home decoration products, or wall decor items you will find it all under the Prime section.


Extensive Assortment Of Trending Products


Farosh offers an extensive amount of trending and genuine products at discounted prices. Various products such as Nova NV-1280 Foldable Hair Dryer, and Musical & Electrical Sewing Machine for Baby Girl and son are available at affordable prices. Keep visiting Farosh frequently as we update our Prime deals regularly.